The Historic Cottages at Gibb’s Farm


Each of the cottages at Gibb’s Farm has a theme indicated by the name of the cottage.   These themes explore different aspects of Gibb’s Farm and the surrounding communities and are supported by the artwork adorning the walls and shelves of each cottage, adding to the story.   The artwork is commissioned through our artist-in-residence SANAA program which invites East African artists to spend time at the farm exploring their creativity and helping Gibb’s Farm bridge the traveler and the artist.   We now invite you, to enjoy a cup of coffee (or English tea) by the fire and learn about

the story behind each house.

A studio has been established in Mikawahani Village, near the Vegetable Farm. One of the small cottages brought down in pieces from Nairobi in the 1970’s, since replaced by new accommodations, has been given a new life as a SANNA studio.  The views from its veranda have inspired Sanaa arts who have chosen it as their studio during their residency.

Fine art commissioned by the Artist-in-residence program, Sanaa, the individual themes of each cottage are interpreted through art.  Each carry lessons in keeping with indigenous subjects via a theme

Katie Harrison, Master Candidate from the University of Washington’s school of Archeology, department of Museology Studies, was in residence for three months in 2008. A specialist in information and interpretation, she began the cataloging of Gibb’s Farm art and artefact collection and drafted material to share the cottage themes as expressed through art.  We are indebted to Katie, and Ms Maya Procel, her program director.

Theme Titles (current and planned)

1961 House

Anniversary House

Beauty House

Deutch House

Gibb’s Farm House (main lodge)

Guest House

Kahawa Coffee House

Kullander House

Library House

Majani Grass House

Morani House

Mulberry House

Ngorngoro House

Oldupai House

Safari House

Shamba House

Star House

Tloma House

Weaver’s House

The Cottage Map at Gibb’s Farm

Sanaa Art Gallery Collection installed in each cottage.  Select works have been commissioned to carry the theme and lesson of the house.


Shitani Mpingo wood carving. Gift from Sister Jean to Margaret Gibb.

Theluea, Lithography